Kyoto Rakushian

Kyoto rakushian provides various norens, tapestries, accesories made from traditional clothes such as ramie, which express 4 seasons of Japan with colorful hand-dyeing.
We release new items by each season. Why don't you find your favorites to color your daily space gorgeously?
Enjoy wonderful seasons of Japan in your place.


Dyeing - "Some"

Amang many traditional dyeing crafts in japan, Kyoto Rakushian mainly use the crafts such as "Hikizome" , "Rouketsuzome", "Katazome", "Tegaki", "Tesaishoku"
All dyeing processes by hands make our product good touch and soft.
Enjoy Japan's traditional dyeing "Some" that have been inherited for a long time.

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Kyoto rakushian proivdes various brands depending on your feeling and mode.
Enjoy different concept of each brand.

Kyoto Rakushian's brands