"&asa.co", the accesories brand born in 2015 from a noren store of Kyoto living with traditional and handicrafts.
Hand-made items that are strictly selected from various materials and dyeing colors with the concept "My daily &asa.co" and that suit both Western and Japanese styles will florlish your daily style with their elegance.
We provide a style that makes your daily life a little bit special with "&asa.co".


"asaCorsage (ramie corsage)" are multi-used items not only as corsages and broochs, but also hair accessories and bag charms.
It provides the accessories that enjoy various touch of materials and crafts as well as natural taste. Take a look at "asaCorsage" items that also attach magnet for practical use.


  • アサコサージュ Fish
  • アサコサージュ Comet
  • アサコサージュ Garden
  • アサコサージュ Pin's Button
  • アサコサージュ Jelly
  • アサコサージュ Persimmon Juice
  • アサコサージュ Dot's