"maori" started as the brand of hand woven clothes (mainly ramie) that vary from trasparent thin clthes to thick weight clothes.
Enjoy unique touch of hand-woven ramie clothes.

Present situation and our activity

These days, production of hand-woven clothes have been decreasing in the world. In Japan, since late 19th century (Meiji period), the more raw cottons were imported from foreign countries, the more domestic cotton farmers were decreasing with spinning machine development.

After Showa Period (1926), due to chemical fiber use and westeenization of clothes, all of domestic natucal textile productions finally disappered along with decline of silk textile and sericultural industry. Our products, ramie clothes also have taken the same step of the history.

Currently, production facilities of hand woven ramie clothes left only in China. With development of modern industories, producers and places for production have been decreasing even in China.That means our history is at the risk of extinction. It is not easy to take it back after nothing is left.

Under the circumstance, we always make effort to protect hand woven ramie production as an industory.

Local Activity

  • Production Management
  • Control of Yarn spinning
  • Stable Periodic Reordering
  • Human resource Education